Air Travel Tips for Holidays

With These Air Travel Tips for Holidays You Can’t Go Wrong

Air Travel Tips for Holidays

Traveling by air is usually stressful but when you have to travel during the holidays it usually means taking along family members and that can add extra stress. Reduce air travel stress by planning ahead and using these airline tips for a happy and stress free airplane ride.

There are a few things to keep in mind when traveling by air with kids in tow. The first is that airline food is tasteless, plain and unappealing to most adults and certainly kids will find it equally disgusting.

You can bring plastic containers or baggies filled with your child’s favorite treats and meals such as fruits, veggie sticks, toddler finger foods, cheerios and such that will appeal to their young taste buds and keep them happily munching. Remember to bring along wipes to clean sticky fingers.

Unlike a car ride, where you can pull off at rest stops, a plane is a long endless ride for youngsters. To help pass the time you can pack in your carryon baggage some simple toys to amuse them. Pack crayons and coloring books, stuffed animals, dolls and action figures. You can also bring along Music CDs with headphones.

Flight discomforts:

Babies will need a pacifier or bottle to suck on during times when the cabin pressure is likely to bother them like during takeoff and touchdown.

If possible schedule the flight during naptimes or bedtime so that your child will be less disturbed by these minor discomforts.

Plan ahead

Check with your airline to see what carry – on baggage is appropriate for youngsters. Ask if it is all right to bring a booster seat so that your child can see out the window (ask for a window seat for your child over five).
Arrive at least an hour early for domestic flights and two hours early for international flights.

Be flexible when it comes to flights as changing departure days be even so much as one day might give you a cheaper rate or an emptier plane (who likes a crowded flight).

If flying internationally check for passport requirements and vaccination requirements. This Website has useful passport information:

Security wait times may slow you down so check before you leave home to find out if your flight has any wait times established. You can check wait times at:

You may have better flights using surburban airports than big city airports because they are less congested.

Ship packages instead of using baggage to avoid overweight fees and long check-in lines. You can try using Greyhound’s PackageXpress

You may also want to check out Virtual Bellhop at:

Security agents may open wrapped Christmas gifts so do not wrap presents until you get to your destination.

If you are bringing food aboard make sure they are in see-through containers, or factory-sealed food.

During 2015 Hawaiian and Alaska had the best ON TIME records so part of keeping the stress level down during the holidays is to book your flight with the right airlines for your destination.

Usually expect more holiday delays than any other time of the year because of the increased amount of air travelers.